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  • Laptop Stand with Phone Holder from Century Art, Working From Home Gift/ Eco Gift
    Laptop Stand with Phone Holder from Century Art, Working From Home Gift/ Eco Gift
    One of the best laptop stands for MacBook Pro and standard laptops. Suitable for all laptops sized 11" to 17"Height: 18cm (7 inches) | Width: 21cm (8.2 inches) | Depth: 24cm (9.5 inches)A laptop stand and smartphone holder made from birch plywood that is both strong & stylish to transform your desk set up whilst complementing your MacBook Pro or Laptop.Designed to maximise elevation, it encourages you to self-correct your everyday desk posture. Keep that head up!Improved ergonomics for a more comfortable eye level viewing – Standing proudly over 18cm / 7 inchesSculpted curved design improves stability & airflowMade to improve desktop space by allowing room for your keyboard & mouse or anything similarPhone/mini iPad holder to maximize accessibility, space & productivityCan be disassembled for travelling or easy storage
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