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We focus on designing and manufacture minimalist household furniture and Commercial furniture. 


Kids Furniture


CenturyArt kids furniture provide furniture for 0-12 years children.We insist on continuous technological and design innovation, and make efforts to create safest,strongest,aesthetically pleasing and practical furniture for kids by using best materials,strongest construction and imaginative design and most advanced equipment.

Century art kids furniture design focuses on the impact of indoor environment on children's health, growth and comprehensive quality development, so Century art children’s furniture from the children's physical and psychological development needs based on the combination of human function and design.  

CenturyArt kids furniture is designed according to the color and style that children like, notice to protect children’s imagination and develop their creativity. Children can join to build the furniture, some of the furniture can be built by kids themselves.This process not only improves the child's creativity and hands-on skills but also strengthens the parent-child relationship.Kids can feel successful,confidence and feel loved in the process of creation.  

We cover all surfaces and backs with UV finish or veneer finish which is designed to be extra durable and scratch resistant. Also very easy to clean.It greatly ensures that children have a safe and beautiful environment.

Before delivering the product to you they are hand inspected for quality and correctness each and every time before being placed in heavy duty packaging to help ensure a safe arrival.

CenturyArt Furniture offer customized services, whether you are a kindergarten or a furniture seller, we can according to your actual needs and different use environment to customize for you. 

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