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We focus on designing and manufacture minimalist household furniture and Commercial furniture. 


Picnic/Kitchen Aid


Century Art furniture provide picnic table,chair.Century Art picnic set  is characterized by portability and easy storage.

As a healthy and natural way of life, picnics are very common in modern life, especially in the spring of March, as long as you can easily carry a multi-functional Century Art picnic table,some food, unlimited fun will be launched.  Or with friends, or family travel, into the countryside beach, rural wheat fields, forest lakeside, park valley.  A picnic is not just a chance to eat in a natural setting, it's also a chance to connect with family and friends.  

Century Art furniture provide unique ,practical and convenient picnic furniture.Century Art picnic table with different size to meet different needs.It can be filled with wine glasses,wine,fruit and snacks. 

Century Art picnic table and chair is made of high quality eco-friendly plywood,it is easy to assemble and disassemble.It only needs a small space to store when it is not needed. No tools required for assemble, it can be mounted in 1 or 2 minutes. 

Century Art picnic furniture make your picnic perfect.

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