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We focus on designing and manufacture minimalist household furniture and Commercial furniture. 




CenturyArt bedroom furniture will subvert your perception to the cognition of traditional bedroom furniture, usually the bed are thought of as heavy and difficult to assemble and disassemble. You must know how difficult it is for a woman to install a bed on her own, but you will change your mind after seeing our bed, you will amaze the unique design and simple assemble method.

When the user receives our bed, he does not need to wait for a professional installation master to come to the door to install, don’t need to hunt for screwdriver or set aside an entire evening to follow frustrating assembly instructions. Our ready-to-assemble furniture requires no tools and creates no hassle. Only a few minutes to assemble by users themselves without any tools and immediately use. We’ve made it easy that saved much after-sales service cost and provided convenience for user.

Our beds can come with our simple nightstand and a cabinet, giving you a simple,convenient and comfortable private rest space to completely relax your body after a busy day. 

We can offer personalized custom service according customer’s requirement. The ownership of the custom product belongs to you and it will be protected from being sold to others. As a partner we would like to do our best effort to support you, provide you a value products and make you more benefit is our aim.  

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